Installing the System

Installation of the 2Fuel system on existing engine applications is a simple turn-key process which can be completed by our Dealers or your own Fleet Service Center.

No internal engine modifications are required and all components are conveniently mounted and plugged into the wiring harness and air intake.

Fully trained technicians can install the 2Fuel Dual Fuel Under Hood Conversion Kit within one day. (Does not include Tank installation).

Commissioning and Diagnostic Communication

Factory-provided diagnostic software is installed on a standard laptop computer and communicates with the ECU via a communication cable plugged into a spare USB port.

After the installation, the diagnostic software is used to fine tune the initial ECU parameters and fueling maps during commissioning.

The same commissioning software is used for service diagnostics and application adjustments.

2Fuel is the only product to ever attain blanket certification.

650 HP and under – all makes and models for off road mobile applications

2Fuel is the only product to ever attain OEM Level EPA Certification

For any 15L diesel engine