Dual Fuel Systems. Smaller Carbon Footprint.

Reduce Emissions.
Maintain Power.
Lower Fuel Costs.

How It WorksCalculate Savings

2Fuel is the only product to ever attain blanket certification.

650 HP and under – all makes and models for off road mobile applications

2Fuel is the only product to ever attain OEM Level EPA Certification

For any 15L diesel engine

Why 2Fuel

Fuel Savings

The 2Fuel system displaces up to 60% of the “End of Day Diesel Fuel Consumption” with domestically produced clean natural gas or propane.

By using these alternative fuels to replace a large portion of the diesel fuel, currently being consumed in your engines, a tremendous reduction in fuel costs will be realized.

Lower Emissions

Smog, acid rain, and carcinogenic particulates are serious environmental issues today. Commercial vehicles contribute significant amounts of pollution to the environment by burning diesel fuel. Natural gas and propane powered vehicles have been proven to lower these emissions by up to 70%. Powering vehicles and stationary engines with natural gas or propane is an easy step towards, lowering emissions and, cleaning up the environment for our families.

Energy Independence

Cartel production control, Middle East conflict, and emerging country demand are problems that increase oil instability. In recent history oil prices fluctuate violently with no price stability. What is needed is a lower cost fuel that is produced domestically.

The 2Fuel system displaces diesel fuel used in an engine with clean, domestically produced natural gas and propane.

What is the 2Fuel System?

2Fuel is a patent protected dual fuel system that can be installed on any diesel engine, and displaces up to 60 percent of the “End of Day” diesel fuel consumption with either LNG / CNG or Propane. 2Fuel is the only dual fuel technology that retains the pre-conversion OEM specification for power and torque.

2Fuel System was the first to receive a CARB certification, first to receive an “OEM” certification from EPA and is the only Dual Fuel System that was commercialized in Tier 1 OEM production. and the only company to offer Propane in mobile applications.

This technology is available for both Mobile and Stationary applications.

2Fuel System Benefits

The 2Fuel system employs all the advantages of Natural Gas or Propane while maintaining the efficient design and reliable power of the Diesel engine.
2Fuel is the only dual fuel technology that continues to blend fuels throughout the complete high load torque cycle and maintains the OEM torque and HP, the original MPG, and reduces reliance on foreign energy.