About Us

2Fuel Technologies Inc. (2Fuel) is headquartered in Macon Georgia and is actively involved in the manufacturing and marketing of our proprietary Dual Fuel retrofit systems for diesel engines.

Our patented products have been installed on over 8000 engines worldwide and have accomplished many successes yet to be matched by others in the Dual Fuel Industry, making 2Fuel products the technology leader of the industry-first Dual Fuel System to be CARB certified on all engine families for 650 HP and under first and only Dual Fuel System to achieve “OEM” EPA certification first and only Dual Fuel System to be commercialized in Tier 1 OEM production.

Our Business Model is based on partnering with Distributors that have a National Dealer program with the ability to properly support their Dealers in all aspects of delivering a quality product to the end Customer, within their market vertical.

2Fuel systems are designed to convert conventional diesel-fueled engines, stationary or mobile, to operate with diesel fuel blended with an alternative fuel such as Natural Gas or Propane, and to continue blending while maintaining the OEM performance specification throughout the complete high load cycle.

We have the only product available today that continues to blend fuels throughout the complete high load cycle of the engine. As a result, we deliver the highest “End of Day Diesel Dilution Percentages” in the industry, and we do so without sacrificing the OEM specified torque or mileage efficiencies.

2Fuel develops and supports our core IP in-house and employs recognized Industry Experts in all aspects of our business from Code Writers to Application Engineers.

Whether your application is over-the-road mobile, off-road mobile, or stationary prime power, we not only support our product, our application engineers understand intimately the environment your engine needs to operate under and we deliver solutions to meet or exceed your needs.

2Fuel is the only product to ever attain blanket certification.

650 HP and under – all makes and models for off road mobile applications

2Fuel is the only product to ever attain OEM Level EPA Certification

For any 15L diesel engine