How 2Fuel Works

Umatched Post-Turbo Precision

2Fuel is classified as a Diesel Dual-Fuel (DDF) system. 2Fuel introduces the alternative fuel post-Turbo, which supports a precise fuel control system. When operating any diesel engine in the DDF mode, with our 2Fuel system, the engine will consume a reduced amount of diesel fuel and a proportional amount of an alternative fuel will be substituted to maintain the engines original torque and horsepower, while blending the fuels, at a much lower operating cost and emission level.

The 2FUEL system has two selectable modes for operation, Mode 1 blends the chosen alternative fuel, with a pilot injection of diesel.

Mode 2 is 100% diesel operation.

Mode 1 is where the environmental and cost-saving benefits of the 2FUEL system are realized.

2Fuel is the only product to ever attain blanket certification.

650 HP and under – all makes and models for off road mobile applications

2Fuel is the only product to ever attain OEM Level EPA Certification

For any 15L diesel engine


During the intake stroke the alternative fuel, is mixed with air and injected into the piston cylinder. During the compression stroke, a smaller amount of diesel fuel is injected into the air/gas mixture, which immediately ignites the dual fuel mixture.

System Operation

The 2Fuel ECU communicates with the OEM Controller through CANBUS. We maintain two-way communication with the OEM Controller and utilize all J1939 data supplied by the OEM controller to determine the precise amount of fuel to be delivered by both the alternative fuel injectors, and the diesel fuel injectors, to maintain OEM torque and horsepower specifications.

The 2-FUEL ECU then controls the injectors to inject the needed ratio of both the diesel fuel and the alternative fuel.

In addition to injection control the ECU monitors all OEM sensors and parameters to enact the original torque and safety measures for the engine.

Understanding 2Fuel Technologies Dual Fuel System